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EDM Fast Hole Drilling

Over 35 Years of Experience in Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)

Because Aerospace Techniques’ core competency revolves around blades and vanes produced for the hot section, we witnessed the transformation of this hardware from solid airfoils to hollow airfoil configurations. Cooling holes in airfoils became the norm as engine manufacturers designed more and more components with them. Cooling holes protect these critical parts from ever-increasing temperatures that are often higher than their melting point. In addition, blades and vanes are often cast from high nickel and cobalt alloys, making EDM or laser machining processes necessary in creating these small holes.

What sets our fast hole drillers apart from conventional EDM machines?

  • Capable of creating round holes from .010" diameter to .250"
  • Holes are created very quickly with very good surface finishes and low recast layers
  • Can produce round, conical and shaped airfoil holes to accommodate the designs of today’s major OEMs
  • A single point electrode can EDM mill shaped hole geometries while producing a round hole through the airfoil wall – all in one step

Versatile Fast Hole Drilling Capabilities

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